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NBI Partnership

About NBI Partnership

The Norwich BioScience Institutes

Working together to tackle the major challenges facing all of us in the 21st Century – the sustainability of our environment; our food supplies and healthy ageing. There are over 2500 scientists working to find realistic and practical solutions; who then have the infrastructure and support to translate these discoveries into a commercially successful business.


Dev Ops and app maintenance support.


Dev Ops and app maintenance support.

The Challenge
  • Cost of maintaining existing systems too high.
  • Client struggled to recruit skills to maintain current legacy system

The Solution

  • TDC recruited and built a dedicated support team.
  • An efficient skills transfer process was carried out between TDC and the client.
  • TDC provided an off-shore manage service with on-site account management and project management.

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction for monthly support.


Access to broader skillset on demand.


Helped with automating dev-ops processes.


Enabled NBI staff to focus on more strategic goals and targets

Faster Turnaround

This engagement model brought faster turnaround on deployment of NBI’s device patch management and rollout.