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Our Solutions

Helping your organisation rapidly launch new services, enhance existing processes and automate manual processes.

Delivering Data and Business Agility 

Our solutions can help your organisation launch new services quickly, enhance existing processes, and automate manual tasks, all through the use of our powerful technology platforms. 

Our intelligent data hub, dataFINIUM, and our composable application platform, infoFINIUM, work together to increase efficiency, drive revenue growth, and promote business expansion.

At The Data Company, we believe that business agility is key, and we bring people, processes, and technology together to achieve it. Our team has the deep industry experience and specialised data expertise required, allowing us to quickly understand your needs and turn them into effective solutions using our fusionFINIUM implementation methodology.

We work closely with your organisation’s business and IT teams to create agile delivery sprints and progress demonstrations that keep everyone on the same page. This approach ensures that the final delivery meets your original vision and requirements, and helps us deliver results that exceed your expectations.

We’ve also formed strong partnerships with other leading service providers enabling us to provide our solutions to various industries such as Insurance, Construction, Health, FinTech, and more. These partnerships allow us to complement our solutions and skill sets, providing you with the highest level of Data and Business Agility possible.

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