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Data Solutions

“Data is the New Oil”

The Data Company Group Limited, is a product and services
company which helps enterprises achieve their data ambitions.

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The Data Company is passionate about information. With our extensive experience and industry-leading solutions, your data is in good hands. We know that data is always changing and evolving. This is why we offer a range of agile, versatile solutions to cover every aspect of your businesses’ intelligence.

Utilising and creating value
from your data universe:

Data is a vital business asset. Because of this, The Data Company fully supports the data life cycle. This helps us transform companies across the world.

From the very beginning of any project, we embrace data upload, unification, management, analysis, and predictive modelling. We commit to the crucial aspect of sharing the results with your businesses key stakeholders.

At its core, The Data Company is a product and services solution provider.

We harness data from a wide variety of sources and compile it to a Big Data platform. We collaborate with and have formed strong partnerships with leading Link Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Migration and Data Visualisation technology providers.

This allows us to enable businesses to achieve their data ambitions – paving the way for increased efficiency and innovation, as well as the creation of greater value.

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What Makes Us Different:

Fast Implementation & Results

Our proven delivery methodology leads to faster implementation times and self-sufficiency. Our rapid deployment solutions mean businesses gain insights quicker.

Partnership Network

In our world, collaboration is key. It enables our delivery of future-proof solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing architecture. Therefore, we only partner with the best solutions specialists; experts in their respective fields with vast knowledge and skill.


Our management team has an incredible combined experience of over 100 years in delivering custom solutions to a wide range of sectors and global locations. Supported by a group of creative, dedicated analysts and developers, we approach every project with a can-do attitude. We work tirelessly to deliver the best solutions for our valued clientele.


Our tailor-made solutions are aligned to each project. This makes sure that we can offer comprehensive value and ROI through measurable results and outcomes. We are able to provide this through the use of innovative and ground-breaking technologies.


Data Consultancy Services

We offer a tailor-made consultancy service that combines sector, functionality and technical requirements. This includes every aspect from architecture and infrastructure design, to solution benchmarking and implementation that is customised to meet your data requirements.

Data Management Platform Solution

Using our intelligent data hub, we collect and analyse data from multiple sources which can be sensors, static, active and real-time. Our data migration tools unify data by consolidation, correlation and enrichment. This allows you to gain unprecedented insights into your data, turning Big Data into Intelligent Data.

IoT Solution

We ingest intelligent data, transforming it from reactive to proactive, enabling us to respond to events and opportunities through the use of real-time data, application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using critical data as it happens enables a faster ‘time-to-decision’.

Analytics Solution

Using link analytics, we are able to gain full insights into your data providing your business with solutions to identify internal and external fraud and fraudsters. With our Predictive analytics solution we train our models using your data to predict what the future may bring. This allow you to make business decisions to meet your business objectives.

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