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fusionFINIUM – Our delivery methodology

The Challenge

Businesses today are looking at ways to be more agile in order to grow and thrive in a competitive landscape. Often this means rethinking the way your business operates, creating a new vision and rapidly delivering on it.

This agility also needs to be adopted when implementing a new business application. Traditional project approaches need to be re-engineered. Spending many months collecting, documenting and signing off on business and technical requirements before developing the software and testing it may result in a change of requirements or lost business opportunities.

Infographic of pie chart circles in blue, purple and green with Customer Team in centre

The Solution

Our fusionFINIUM  delivery methodology is aimed at ensuring your multidisciplinary business and IT team together with The Data Company team collaborate as one fusion team to deliver your business vision.

Whether this is the design and build of a new application, a new data analytics requirement or a data migration project we aim to follow the same tried and tested approach. This fusion approach of combining people, process and operations has been a key factor in our successful delivery of our projects.

We start with our 2-4 week mini plan where the fusion team clearly define and design the solution.  On completion of this stage the solution design is signed off ready for the next stage. Here we move on to the design and build phase of the delivery where 2 week sprints and solution play backs enable the fusion team to see progress, confirm, refine and move onto the next sprint until completion and realisation of that vision.

Our dataFINIUM intelligent data hub and infoFINIUM composable application platform are designed to take advantage of this fusion delivery approach.

The platforms have ready built micro applications and services which allows us to design, build and config new applications and processes rapidly.

This allows the fusion team and your team to be very close to the delivery, seeing firsthand progress through regular playbacks and being able to ensure that the final outcome meets the vision.

How We Do It

Business Insights

We create business insights from data hidden within systems, spreadsheets and documents by extracting the data, enriching it with new data and combining it with business applications and advanced analytics tools.

Business Applications

We enable your business to quickly adapt and respond to customer and market needs by developing new business applications on our composable application platform in a fraction of the time compared to other data and application development projects.


Our solutions help your organisation to deliver growth and profitability as well as helping to provide better customer and employee service.

Key Features & Main Benefits

Experienced Team

We deliver faster with a knowledgeable and experienced team who understand your requirements


fusionFINIUM methodology ensures solution meets the original business vision.


Regular playbacks ensure stakeholders are fully involved.

Rapid Delivery

Rapid delivery of business solutions using dataFINIUM and infoFINIUM

Project Management

Managing the complexities of implementing custom softwareOur project managers become an integral part of the team, working collaboratively to achieve a successful software delivery on time and to budget.

Business Analysis

Breaking down complex challenges into simple solutionsDecrease risk and increase project success before committing to any long-term IT project with experienced business analysts who can reengineer business process requirements into action points within the project scope.

Software Development

Bespoke mobile and web apps, portals and business systems. Development analysts can assist in the identification of required modules to solve business challenges; a vital element of any project team. Our dataFINIUM and infoFINIUM platforms use fusionFINIUM as our delivery methodology.


Making quality a priority of any IT project. User experience is critical to the success of any IT project; acceptance of any new solution should be easily attained, which can only be achieved through rigorous testing. Collective testing from both the technical and business ‘user’ aspects provide a robust and refined application.


Making sure you are always up and running. Solution reliability is crucial, especially after integration. Ongoing maintenance ensures the solution is performing at its optimum. Maintenance and Support services include a wide range of legacy and modern innovative applications such as infoFINIUM.

Cloud Services

Cloud-Computing is on-demand accessibility of computer resources. 
The Data Company provides a complete range of cloud services, including platforms, infrastructure, and applications. We offer extensive expertise in cloud solutions, software development, security and compliance.

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