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The Data Company Technologies for Industry Professionals

At The Data Company Technologies, we specialise in empowering industry leaders, business owners, and professionals across various sectors with cutting-edge data and software solutions. With offices strategically located in the UK and South Africa, including Stellenbosch and Birmingham, we are dedicated to facilitating your digital transformation journey and maximising the potential of your data assets.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Data Consultancy: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities across various industries. Our team of experts provides tailored data consultancy services to help you leverage data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Data Engineering: Harnessing the power of advanced data engineering techniques, we streamline data processes and optimise data infrastructure to drive efficiency and innovation across your organisation.
  • Cloud Migrations: Seamlessly transition your operations to the cloud with our managed service for cloud migrations. Benefit from increased scalability, flexibility, and security while reducing operational overheads.

Key Achievements:

  • ISO27001 Accreditation: Rest assured knowing that your data is protected with our ISO27001 accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security.
  • BBEEE Level 2 Status: Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our BBEEE Level 2 status, showcasing our ongoing commitment to empowerment and equality.

Our solutions help your organisation to unlock insights about your business and customers by extracting data from your organisation’s systems, spreadsheets and documents, enriching it with external data and creating a single source of truth.

This single source of truth can be used in business applications, analytics tools and dashboards, providing unseen information about your business in real-time.

Our solutions also help your organisation to rapidly launch new services, enhance existing processes and automate manual processes using dataFINIUM our intelligent data hub and infoFINIUM our composable application platform to help drive efficiency, increase revenue and grow your business.

fusionFINIUM brings people, processes and technology together to deliver business agility.

Our deep industry experience, data expertise and fusionFINIUM team implementation methodology mean that from the very beginning of our conversations with your organisation we are able to quickly translate your requirements into solutions.

The fusion team combines your organisation’s business and IT teams together with The Data Company team creating agile delivery sprints and interim demonstrations of progress to ensure the final delivery meets the original vision and requirements of the business.

We collaborate with and have formed strong partnerships with leading solution providers that complement our solutions and skill sets to deliver Data and Business Agility in the Insurance, Construction and Health sectors.

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We look forward to discussing how we could help your organisation accelerate its Business Agility.

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