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MotoData is providing the South African Market with a dedicated channel of entry into the world of alternative funding solutions providing access to multiple loan providers and facilitating the application process for non-asset based lending. 

MotoData is providing alternative gateways for loan providers into the vehicle financing market as well as dealers who previously never had access to lenders. They are currently expanding into several leading South African Banks.

During this facilitation process, transparency between the loan providers, motor dealers and applicants is important giving full control to the applicant of custom loan offers suited to the rates manageable to the applicant. MotoData also collates any supporting documentation required in this process allowing smaller teams of bank staff to act quicker at contracting the applicant and allowing the lenders higher retention rates of existing and new clients.


Unsecured Motor Finance

The Challenge

  • Create online platform to provide unsecured loans for purchase of motor vehicles and other products and services. ​
  • Facilitate the end-to-end process for all stakeholders to issue the loan.
  • Aligning new potential clients into the vehicle market to new and existing loan providers.
  • Providing products suited to client affordability within minutes.

The Solution

  • End-to-end loan origination process; from selection of vehicle to the issuing of the loan and payment of the dealer. ​
  • Online platform to support KYC.​
  • Vehicle and personal details captured.​
  • Platform integrated to mainstream lender (Tier 1 Bank) and credit bureaus.​
  • Custom loan offers according to applicant credit profile.

Key Benefits


Individuals able to take loan to purchase vehicle.

Payment Through Platform

Dealer receives payment direct through platform.


All compliance processes digitalised.


Transparency of all banking processes.

Clone Report

Clone report confirming the vehicles’ true identity.


Free Vehicle Valuation


Industry leading partners (DataDot, Renew My Car, VehicleFacts).


Higher retention of clients (applicants).

New Markets

Opening new markets for motor dealerships with value added sales opportunities


Motor dealerships have the ability to finance/sell trade-ins for true retail value which traditionally banks to do not have the ability to finance. (Non-asset-based lending)

Loan Offers

Applicants get loan offers from the banks within seconds that they qualify for.


Applicants own the vehicle – not the bank.

5-Step Process

Simple 5 step process, meaning deals can get paid out quickly.

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