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BNP Paribus Personal Finance


A BNP Paribas Group subsidiary and the European leader in personal finance.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance are the people behind a range of consumer finance solutions for many of the UK’s leading brands. For over 45 years they have been helping partners grow their businesses with finance solutions.


Automated Underwriting, Process Automation and Data Visualisation


Automated Underwriting, Process Automation and Data Visualisation

The Challenge

  • BNPPF and TDC were engaged as part of a collaborative programme to see how embracing digital transformation could improve their existing business processes both for themselves and their partners.

The Solution

  • TDC used the infoFINIUM platform to visualise, automate and configure business processes and provide a partner portal for BNPPF customers to be able to see key trends and KPIs on the business that they are writing.
  • As part of the solution, TDC has used the IRIS data platform to automate manual underwriting processes around fraud checks and usage of the CIFAS API to show how business rules around protective registration and potential impersonations can be automated.

Key Benefits

  • By configuring the IRIS/ infoFINIUM platform with BNPPF’s business rules and integration to CIFAS, there is an expectation that 75% of the cases that are passed to manual underwriting would be automatically declined or accepted based on the information provided either by CIFAS APIs as well as automatically asking the customers to provide proof of identities/address through a secure portal.
  • Usage of the IRIS/ infoFINIUM platform provides a detailed audit trail of any automated decisions by the platform providing full traceability whilst automation of process saves many hours for the manual underwriting team.

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