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Creating a new definition for best-in-class claims management.
There is a new definitive. It is The Power of Certainty.

Appointed as trusted expert for many insurance partners, Acumen is a full-service claims management company for residential insurance providers


Claims Management System


Claims Management System

The Challenge

  • Acumen has engaged TDC to provide a full end-to-end claims management system from Claim Logging through to Final Invoicing

The Solution

  • TDC used the infoFINIUM platform to provide a workflow model customised for Acumen’s requirements through the following processes:
    • Claim Logging
    • FNOL
    • Survey Booking/Reporting
    • Scope Of Work Estimation/Validation/Calculation
    • Contractor Appointment and Estimation
    • Work Phase Management
    • PO and Invoice Generation
    • Customer Satisfactions

Key Benefits

  • The customised solution for Acumen enables Acumen claim handlers to manage claims on behalf of its clients as an end-to-end process with process automation/triggers and workflows ensuring a standardised way of working and full audit and traceability functions.

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