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Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: a natural progression

Gartner reports one fifth of enterprises are piloting AI in one form or another, 37% are looking to define their AI strategy and 35% struggled to truly understand implementational uses for AI in their businesses.  Not surprising as incorporating AI into existing data analytics solutions requires a certain level of data literacy; not just understanding data, what to do with it and how an AI solution can provide business benefits.

Businesses simply cannot maintain competitive advantage without Business Intelligence (BI) resulting from data analytics.  Starting with the fundamentals of data mining, through to unification and analytics, it is only a natural progression into the world of AI to produce unprecedented BI insights today’s businesses are demanding.

The AI Journey

The journey to AI is a complex, yet manageable one.  First you need to think about the data you currently have, next the data you would like to have and lastly, consider the resulting data you are not yet aware of, but will become obvious as you explore your data needs in more depth.   Then you are ready to start planning your pathway to a successful AI integration.

  1. Data plumbing
    1. Ensure every employee truly understands the importance of data capture at source, making this a key priority in day-to-day operations. Ensure the data sources are secure and robust.
  2. Data consolidation
    1. Implement a data unification platform to pull data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth.
  3. Data insights
    1. Create a clear BI strategy and set dashboards to provide visibility into business-critical data.
  4. Data rules
    1. Apply data rules for core analytics, setting required data benchmarks.
  5. Predictive analytics
    1. Create future modelling scenarios, based on data benchmarks and historical insights.
  6. Operationalised predictions
    1. Implement automated models as a core of the BI solution. Ensure regular distribution and access to all key stakeholders within the business.
  7. AI
    1. Add business-specific algorhythms to drive business-focussed insights, facilitating machine learning capabilities to elevate business intelligence to a new level with automated, specific insights for strategic development, ultimately providing unprecedented competitive advantage.

Using our intelligent data hub, we collect and analyse data from multiple sources which can be sensors, static, active and real-time. Our data migration tools unify data by consolidation, correlation and enrichment. This allows you to gain unprecedented insights into your data, turning Big Data into Intelligent Data.

Using link analytics, we are able to gain full insights into your data providing your business with solutions to identify internal and external fraud and fraudsters. With our Predictive analytics solution we train our models using your data to predict what the future may bring. This allow you to make business decisions to meet your business objectives.

More Information

I’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how the successful journey to AI can provide your business with unprecedented business intelligence. Call us on 07774 239294, or email us at

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