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Mixing Low Code AI and predictive analytics

.. giving stakeholders a 360 degree view of critical data

Ah the beauty of innovative technologies – a culmination of developments in different areas all coming together providing business leaders with unprecedented data insights unheard of in days gone by. All resulting in proactive strategic decision making, streamlining businesses to do what they do better, driven by underlying tech solutions.

What are these solutions and how do they all fit together?


Data can now be adopted from literally any digital source. Data patterns can be recognised by AI to unify data from multiple sources, reducing human error and saving hours and hours of data investigation.


Low code functionality building blocks mean regular users can piece together uses in their tech solution without having to call the IT teams every minute of the day. This can range from creating a new view in a CRM, to generating a new report whilst setting up an automatic distribution to relevant stakeholders. All this develops in house talent, streamlines internal processes and leaves valuable time for technical architects to work on more complex IT projects across the business.


Are becoming the norm for any data modelling nowadays. The combination of Analytics tools and Machine learning capabilities not only produce real-time snapshots of business critical data, they can also generate future benchmarks and run data against those providing a data image of the future. These are key tools for business leaders to proactively optimise strategies to gain competitive advantage and disrupt their verticals.


Across all business units collectively add up to huge savings through the rapid delivery of a tailored solution for that business. Gone are the days of large scale, long term expensive IT projects which typically have been customised and run on legacy infrastructure, meaning often they are pretty much out of date as they go live. Agility is the new requirement for teamwork and supporting tech solutions.


Technology is moving at an incredible pace and is set to get even faster in the coming years, as expert architects learn how to capitalise on these innovations and spread their capabilities across even more channels. The ability to quickly design and deliver a new solution into the business results in a visibly quicker ROI.

Welcome to the widely termed 4th industrial revolution, that of digital transformation provided by tech companies.

Every business in every vertical has a requirement for a data solution, if they want to compete, so you are not alone. These 5 points validate the budget; faster delivery times generally mean optimised project delivery, faster ROI through streamlining.

AI and Predictive Analytics Solutions

There are of course numerous solution providers out there offering anything from apps to platforms on a generic basis or on a more vertical/functionality/geolocation scope. Either as a service or a product/solution based on client requirements. The trick is to choose the vendor to best meet your requirements. Not only that, but the company delivering your solution must demonstrate innovative forward thinking, not merely in their sales pitch to you, but also through evidentiary programs, such as in house capability development, to meet your current and ongoing requirements as time brings greater innovations to your fingertips.

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