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AIE 2022 Live Event

We recently attended the African Insurance Exchange 2022 event held at Sun City, South Africa.

We attended our first ‘in-the-flesh’ expo recently, where we launched linkFINIUM.

The Data Company and Linktank partnered in 2021 to deliver cost-effective technology solutions and services to enable IFAs to tackle their data and integration challenges.

Together with Linktank, we bring you linkFINIUM, our data and integration hub, that is largely aimed at the independent financial advisor market, but with spill-over opportunities into technology, service, and product providers.

While corporates may be able to afford the cost of integrating their technology and leveraging the resultant data opportunities, independent financial advisors often cannot.

linkFINIUM is a collaborative framework in the financial services industry that enables technology providers, financial advisors, and clients to benefit from the pooling of different skills and resources.

We were so fortunate to have our CEO, Kali Bagary with us from the UK to attend this event. Due to the pandemic, we hadn’t seen him in person for nearly two and a half years!

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