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The Data Company Group Limited expanding market opportunities with AInfinity Global Ltd

Partnership With ‘Explainable AI Platform’ Innovator will accelerate AI delivery for Companies.

23 March 2020, London. The Data Company Group Limited, helping enterprises achieve their data ambitions, is extending their portfolio by offering the AInfinity’s Explainable AI and analytics platform for faster implementation of AI applications.

Everyone is in the race to have efficient AI solutions, as BI analytics is not useful for real-time decision making. Most companies have many silo systems for data integration, AI models and Analytics, which delays AI delivery and AI explainability. This partnership helps Enterprises build explainable AI applications faster in months vs. years, with an Intelligent Data Hub and singular model (integrate and harmonize data from diverse sources), and explainable AI models with real-time analytics to cater for many use-cases (Predictions, Fraud detection,social media/news insights) for faster intelligence-led decision-making.

“We are very excited to partner with the innovators in AI such as AInfinity,” said Kali Bagary, CEO of The Data Company. “AInfinity strengthens our offering of the Intelligent Data Hub with their innovative (non-technical) AI Platform with ‘Explainable end-end AI Solutions with Analytics’ offering fast implementation of Enterprise applications in financial services and beyond, and will enable us to further expand our market footprint across the world.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a very capable partner like The Data Company,” said Raj Muppala, AInfinity CEO and Founder. “With their industry expertise, Intelligent Data Hub and solution delivery capability, The Data Company is an ideal partner for bringing the benefits of AInfinity Explainable AI solutions to customers across the world.”

About ‘The Data Company

The Data Company is a product and services company helping enterprise achieve their data ambitions. We harness data from a wide variety of sources and compile it to a Big Data platform. We collaborate with and have formed strong partnerships with leading Link Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Migration and Data Visualization technology providers.

About ‘AInfinity’ Global Ltd

The AInfinity is democratizing AI with their ‘Explainable AI platform’ and helping companies in Financial Services with explainable AI applications quickly for several use-cases like real-time predictive analysis,  Fraud detection, news/social media insights. Currently, silo systems for data, AI and Analytics delays AI delivery and explainability. They are addressing this big gap in the market, with a unified platform of ‘Smart data integration pipeline, AI and Analytics’, to build explainable AI models from singular data model, with advanced analytics dashboards for faster intelligence-led decision-making. For more information, visit

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