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A Remarkable Achievement in Academic Excellence

by The Data Company, 02 February 2024 

Celebrating Employee Success

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Theané Janse van Rensburg, a valued member of our team, and her supervisor, Prof. Machdel Matthee from the University of Pretoria (Department of Informatics), for achieving a significant milestone in their academic journey!

As part of the MCom (Informatics) program within the Department of Informatics, students are expected to submit a publishable academic paper alongside their thesis. The article, submitted by Theané and supervised by Prof. Machdel Matthee, has earned a well-deserved place in the prestigious Springer publication – Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 1862. This volume showcases a collection of selected papers from the SACLA (Southern African Computer Lecturers’ Association) conference, featuring the top twelve submissions based on reviewer ratings.

The SACLA 2023 conference focussed on the theme: “Teach the Future: CS, IS, & IT Education in a Changing World.”

The objective of the conference is to provide lectures, researchers, students, industry, and society interested in the field of computing education with an opportunity to engage in profound discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing educators in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. Below is an overview of the article that Theané and Prof. Machdel Matthee submitted:

Article Overview: A Framework for Creating Virtual Escape Rooms to Teach Computational Thinking

The published article titled “A Framework for Creating Virtual Escape Rooms to Teach Computational Thinking” presents an innovative approach to integrating computational thinking into educational settings. Computational thinking is deemed an essential skill for success in the future workplace, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities among students. It equips them with the capacity to address real-world problems more effectively, a particularly crucial aspect in today’s technological world. The paper details the development of a framework, guided by Design Based Research, to implement virtual escape rooms for teaching computational thinking in higher education.

Read the Full Article by Theané Janse van Rensburg and Prof. Machdel Matthee, by purchasing the publication here:

We invite you to explore the full article alongside other fascinating contributions.

Theané’s dedication to advancing knowledge and contributing to the field is truly commendable. This achievement not only reflects Theané’s expertise but also brings honour to our organisation.

Once again, congratulations, Theané on this remarkable achievement! Your commitment to academic excellence is an inspiration to us all. 🌟👏

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