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Dragados Sisk JV (DSJV)

Dragados Sisk JV (DSJV) is a joint venture between two global construction companies, engaged by Cross Rail to construct a tunnel from London Docklands to Farringdon and Pudding Mill Lane, to Stepney Green, in East London.

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The Challenge

Managing this project and maintaining accurate document control systems proved to be a complex task; in particular as 20+ employees were involved from two separate companies and various departments. The mere size of the project, expanded requirements and movement of personnel resulted in gross inaccuracies and even loss of project status data. This was mainly due to inconsistent update business process flows, incorrect filing conventions, missing authorisations, document duplication and deletion.

The Solution

Several off-the-shelf solutions were reviewed and found to be inadequate for DSJV’s requirements. After detailed analysis, features within the InfoFINIUM document management solution were identified as being invaluable to this project; a secure central data repository, an easily configurable business process workflow, web based accessibility, document version control and user friendly search engine; all meeting compliance and ISO accreditation standards.

The future is looking bright

DSJVs initial project was deployed across the Utilities Department with focus on sub-projects totalling £60m. The successful implementation of this solution enabled an upscale to the entire project totalling £500m, which comprises 200 users and 52,000+ documents; all accessible for up to 10 years after the completion of the tunnel build.

Overview of Benefits

Time Saving

Time savings: no more loss of project data, documents and authorisations

Cost Saving

£100k from the annual stationary budget

Audit Trails

Comprehensive audit trails

Management system

A professional project management solution enabling real time status review


DSJVs business processes and templates integrated into solution

User Friendly

Intuitive dashboards and search engine making it user friendly

Easy Access

Accessible to all stakeholders in this project via a web based portal


Easy to configure to DSJVs requirements – using DSJV look and feel

Quick Implementation

Quick implementation with light maintenance

Regulation & Compliance

Regulation and compliance reporting in line with government requirements

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