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Masa & Agile Solutions

The Term MASA is a relatively new coined phrase, by Gartner no less.  As such, many are still struggling to understand what it is, what it replaces and how it fits in today’s world.  Mass Application Service Architecture is a radically different manner, in which software solutions are created.  Essentially developers take functionality and interconnectivity building blocks to create flexible and scalable data solutions.  This fluid developer environment eventually will replace traditional ‘Three Tier Models’ which are too rigid to meet today’s user requirements and simply take too long to develop.

The benefit to the end user is simple:  MASA enables modern solutions to be developed for the emerging digital world, where customers want to access the same information or the same functionality through a plethora of channels, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, web portals etc.

The diagram below shows an overview of MASA, where there are many services (Svc) that are shared by various mini-applications (App). An App may do something quite simple like display a name and a phone number. These mini-applications are then combined to deliver larger (more functionality and data rich) applications, (comparing Application A to Application B).

The interaction between services and apps, between two or more Apps in an Application and between Applications is achieved and managed by APIs. The functionality of an Application is said to be “exposed” by APIs in this case.

APIs are key in enabling datasets to communicate and are vital in defining data rules on ingestion.  These rules are adhered to as data moves through the process of input through workflows, along the path of insights and analytics and finally in generating desired reports as and when required.

All this with the aim of improving business processes and thereby providing business critical insights into dashboards which can be shared to stakeholders.  The enormous flexibility and scalability offered by this emerging technology is unprecedented for both the solution provider and the end client.  Businesses really can achieve their digital transformation goals to increase efficiency and productivity, ultimately creating greater value, in days and months rather than years.

Our agile solutions are already providing clients with services such as:

  • Huge cost savings both in terms of time and money
  • Business process improvements
  • Increased stakeholder buy-in and visibility of ongoing projects
  • Customer-driven real-time reporting from multiple systems in an aggregated dashboard
  • Enhanced functionality to customer clients, therefore achieving greater revenue through ecommerce systems

To name a few.

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Who are we?

TechFINIUM is a leading trusted software and solutions provider.  Our aim is to enable businesses to efficiently manage business critical processes, corporate governance and compliance – globally.

We are proud of our team of highly experienced & well-connected professionals, who have been successfully delivering business solutions across diverse technologies and in multiple industry sectors.

Along with this, we are able to call on our extensive network of consultants, partners and associates to augment our delivery capacity.  TechFINIUM currently has operations in the UK, South Africa and India.

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