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The Careys Group is a leading family-owned engineering, construction and resource recovery business operating across the UK and Ireland. They are passionate about delivering safe, high-quality projects and exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

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The Challenge

The Careys Group has expanded over the last few years through acquisition, and consequently have many dispirate systems that are not integrated, with separate bits of the business using different systems. Replication and repeated data entry points has led to data inconsistency and a number of business process overlaps or complete repetition. Challenges were faced around providing a single source of the truth from the multiple data systems. Additionally, excel sheets are pervasive throughout a number of business processes leading to errors in reporting and in the process itself.

The CIO started on a data consolidation journey by highlighting some inconsistencies in the data but realised quickly outside consulting services and a robust solution were required to both collect data and display data.

The Solution

Following our analysis of the challenges Careys were facing, our recommendation was to use dataFINIUM to map the data structures as required by the business and infoFINIUM to leverage the data as required. dataFINIUM was used to ingest data from Careys different sources and we leveraged Careys existing Microsoft Azure platform to consolidate the data to be made available for reporting as required. We used infoFINIUM as a rapid application development tool to help build systems around processes that currently were manual and provide a data visualisation tool for users across the organisation to give users a tool to manage their business.

We started the project by demonstrating how quickly and easily we could connect to the multiple different data sources and pull the data together to give automated solutions for data visulisaton and more impactful reporting. Whilst working through collating all of the data sources, we also began implementing infoFINIUM as a tool to drive business process improvement – both existing manual processes as well as to fully automate dispirate system processes.

The Future is Looking Bright

The Project is still ongoing, with a current plan for 2 years, focussing of the further roll out of the Careys Live portal and integrations between systems as required to push and pull data across the group systems. Our on site resources have been working directly with the CIO and having access to other business improvement team members to collaborate and ensure that business process can be improved as well as existing systems leveraged in a better way.

Overview of Benefits

Reduced Paper

Reduced need for keeping paper based data on HR records and training data


Higlighting expires of training and risk of employees on site who do not have requisite training

Better Processing

Better processing time of invoices due to better visualisation of where they may be stuck

Time Sheets

Automated timesheeting for on site workers by reducing a process involving 4 FTEs (full-time equivalent) a week to 1 FTE

Data Visualisation

Data visualation and queries have highlighted data inconsistencies across


Repeated and incorrect master data has been corrected


Single repository of information for reporting reducing the need for complicated data warehouse projects that invariably are very expensive

HR Tools

Using infoFINIUM as a tool has given the client a way to build around the core systems that the client already has and knit them together further improving business process and highlighting business issues much quicker than they otherwise would be. As an example giving historical data around HR data to highlight churn issues has led to a reduction in hiring and further cost cutting measures in HR

How Can We Help?

If you are a construction company struggling with some of the challenges mentioned above, especially around process automation and data visualtion/reporting, you could leverage these tools for forecasting, cost allocation, plaaned vs actual spends, moving data between system, machine learning, to name a few.


infoFINIUM has met the challenges we have presented them within timescales that have exceeded my expectations having used other platforms. Careys now have a future proof cloud based portal and integrated mobile apps that allows us to automate business processes and gives a view to the business about mission critical data. The journey that we have embarked upon with infoFINIUM is proving as exciting as we hoped and providing real business value

Matt Coniam
Group Information Technology Director, Carey Group Plc

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