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Business Agility post Covid19: untap hidden potentials within business data.

Now that most countries are starting to come out of lockdown we are unilaterally faced with the reality of a new workplace: flexible working in terms of staff availability, collaboration, location and capabilities.  Business leaders will need to focus how to best access the huge volumes of data to provide agile service models to meet ever changing demands by customers, partners, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and employees.

By now the majority of businesses will have adapted technology strategies to provide remote workers with fundamentals such as devices to work from home, internet access, communication services and, are looking to innovate using the best scalable business applications.

At the same time, in order to meet business resiliency, most organisations will have had to implement the furlough scheme, reduce staff working hours or even make some staff redundant. Typically, sadly, this falls on business support units such as HR, Administration and IT.

As businesses streamline, management are looking to innovations such as new apps to provide data access they need during this time, in a distributed environment too.  In the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in particular demands such as:

  1. Business solutions: lead and opportunity management, sales process automation, purchasing requisitions, remote team performance and finance/account transaction management
  2. Functionality requirements: data unification in a single source, workflow triggers to demand procedure flows, report and dashboard generation, automated alerting to identify potential business risks
  3. Analytics: literally slicing and dicing data in any way to provide key statistics, compare against benchmarks, create future models based on predictive analytics to plan ahead

We are also seeing an increase in delivery speed requirements. Due to the pandemic, businesses need new reliable apps quickly to drive business profitability.

This is where solution providers who offer multiple components to deliver as quickly as 1 – 2 – 3 are gaining traction as they can deliver in weeks and months rather than months & years.  However, it is essential to pass a critical eye on the solution provider to ensure one can provide the entirety of the project requirement = this will not only speed up delivery and ensure seamless integration, it will also reduce implementation issues and ultimately deliver better ROI.

When looking for the right delivery partner ensure they can provide the 3 key elements: Data ingestion & unification, analytics & predictive analytics and a platform on which to easily access & share key data reports & dashboards.

This will ensure rapid delivery of a robust solution giving organisations across the globe exactly what is required at this critical time to finally overcome this unprecedented situation and prepare for the new way of working: Data, insights, resilience and competitive advantage.

 If you want to learn more, contact our team now to see how The Data Company can help. 

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