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About SSG Security

SSG Security are an SIA Approved Private Security Company.

Secure Security Guards (SSG) Ltd is SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved private security company for security guarding.


Forensic and Data Analytics Solution.

To build a Forensic and Data Analytics Solution.

  • Fraud Analytics & Management Dashboards
The Challenge
  • End of life and discontinuation of support of Memex case management solution​.
  • Analysts spent more than 90% of the time capturing data and very little time spent on forensic activities​.
  • Needed a market leading forensic and data analytics solution​
  • Many manual processes and reporting on a regular basis​.

The Solution

  • DataWalk was implemented as SSG’s forensic and investigation solution.​
  • Operational dashboards to automate reporting.​
  • Implementation of document parsers and API to data sources to accelerate and automate the data capture processes.​
  • Migration of all existing case data from Memex to DataWalk.​
  • Custom facial recognition solution to streamline and automate processes.​

Key Benefits


SSG was first to market with DataWalk in South Africa, offering their customers the benefits of an innovative technology solution.


SSG reported an efficiency increase of 95% – where time used to be spent on data capture, analysts can now spend time on their investigations.

Bespoke Technology

Able to develop bespoke technology solutions to further support SSG’s automation and technology needs:
  • Bespoke facial recognition solution
  • Automated reporting and document generation
  • OCR and document parsers
  • Centralised incident capture and reporting
  • Health & safety solutions

Exceptional Speed

SSG reported an exceptional speed difference in their internal processes.


Improved accessibility. DataWalk is accessible remotely, so users can perform their investigations from anywhere. DataWalk also promotes collaboration between users.


Centralised, automated and digitized data capture and reporting increase efficiency within the organization as well as more transparency and better business decisions.

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