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FNB is a Tier 1 South African Financial Services Company

One of the largest and most established multinational banks that call South Africa home, First National Bank (FNB) offers a wide range of retail, business, and investment services to customers in South Africa and across southern and central Africa.


Deceased Reporting Software Solution


Deceased Reporting Software Solution to Automate Repetitive Processes

The Challenge

  • Deceased Reporting processes the banking profile of a deceased client. ​
  • Deceased Reporting department to become the single point of contact within First Rand Group for all deceased clients.​
  • Need to be able to process, manage and report on this business function.​
  • The existing platform did not offer automation and integration to support the department.​

The Solution

  • Need a solution that automates repetitive and mundane processes​
  • Electronic handling of documents.​
  • Collection of process performance-related data.​
  • Developed end-to-end solutions including:​
    • Email receiver and classification using Machine Learning ​
    • Case onboarding and workflow management ​
    • Data Warehouse integration ​
    • Document generation and management ​
    • Payment instructions ​
    • Integration into Home Affairs (IVS) and scraper for Master’s Portal.​

Key Benefits

  • The improved customer experience (Internal and external customers)
  • Addresses process inefficiencies
  • Creates resource capacity in the department
  • Establishes performance measurement and control

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