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COVID19 – a lesson for businesses and governments alike..

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses across the globe. Whilst many are struggling to survive, others are facing complexities in transitioning their operations to an online platform and having to replicate business processes by implementing a solution that is both easy to use and accessible to all homeworkers.

Day-to-day operations must continue, even with a distributed workforce. Customers are demanding more business availability and insights, which businesses MUST deliver if they want to remain active.  Add the competition for broadband usage and continuous delivery on a global scale, and the nightmare can begin.

Whilst immediate measures are being put in place to maintain working environments through messaging applications, i.e. skype and video conferencing systems such as zoom, more serious issues are becoming prevalent, which need to be addressed. The ability to carry out regular business processes through workflows, maintaining continuous approvals processes as projects move forward and the provision of business-critical data through reports and dashboards, to name a few.

This can only continue if data is collected in a unified source, existing business processes are transitioned from paper based to digital solutions, approvals are automated and completed online; all facilitating user friendly report generation and dashboard overviews with real time data.  This is where businesses in today’s climate will gain huge competitive advantage.

The future looks bleak for those businesses continuing to function on either paper-based processes or through disparate data and data-sharing measures, for example sending multiple word documents or spreadsheets around in emails, with different employees making changes, and resending these to recipient groups.

These businesses will face increasing frustration by employees carrying out these business processes, having poor or incoherent data, losing visibility into business-critical data, taking longer to make strategic decisions due to data collection and verification; all these ultimately mean businesses lose their competitive advantage as they can no longer operate as efficient as their competitors.

It is therefore no surprise that most businesses are suddenly turning to digital transformation solution providers to start projects to unify data, replicate business processes, streamline reporting and dashboard creation; all with web-based/ cloud accessibility.

Be careful of the pitfalls here – starting a project can mean months of planning, designing, developing, testing, implementing.  In other words, this can take longer than the lockdown itself.

Look at your solution provider of choice carefully.  Your business will need a solution that can be easily adopted by your user community.  A solution that can be rapidly implemented giving you all the advantages sooner rather than later.  A solution that can take innovative technology such as AI, to create the future modelling your business needs to mitigate business risks as you move through your business continuity planning; all whilst running efficiently today.

To help you through your decision-making process, we have created a video demo, showcasing what your business can achieve.  Thinking of the pandemic, our CTO has created a data hub with WHO data on Covid19 test results, on a mobile app which visualises the impact the virus is having. Want to see how it works?  Call Nigel on +44 1494 546 089

Another example we can share is a current project we are working on with one of our strategic partners, DataWalk:  A European Government is tracking COVID19 test results using collected data and AI modelling to predict illness outcomes, thereby enabling them to prepare health services for the expected arrival of patients.

Governments and businesses alike will fare better throughout this pandemic and beyond, purely by having unified & accessible data, replicated & automated business processes, critical real-time insights; all using innovative technologies such as AI to predict future outcomes.

The better the data, the better prepared your business can be.  Want to learn more? Get in touch today.  Ask about intelligent data hub, infoFINIUM and agile, rapid delivery.  Today’s situation does not have to be overwhelming.  We can help you prepare for today and tomorrow.


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