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How to enhance email campaigns using AI

Artificial Intelligence is being used in a variety of different areas to support business communication with consumers, and it is now being used for email marketing. Using AI allows you to segment your market, and can help signal when someone is likely to make a purchase. 

What is Email AI? 

This is software that can enhance your email marketing based on data within a system, by collecting data and using this to create strong email campaigns. Email AI uses machine learning and responds directly to the individual – rather than to a group of an audience. 

AI can analyse hundreds of email communications, and determine the best approach for each individual – targeting based on their interests, unique buying habits, and how they communicated with past campaigns. 

A person will still need to write some email content and copy and create some of the email design and layout. AI will then decide which products to show the individual, based on past habits, and make each communication perfect. Each email is specifically targeted towards the individual. 

How is Email Marketing AI Used? 

AI makes accurate predictions and gives helpful recommendations, to help increase the success rate of your marketing campaign. Here are the top three ways it is used. 

Write Better Subject Lines

NLG (Natural Language Generation) is a division of AI and can write the language. It uses a large, structured data set to create narratives – including email subject lines. AI access data to create an optimal subject line for emails, accurately and quickly. It assesses existing brand copy to learn brand voice and then creates individual subject lines, which can lead to an increase in open rates. 

Optimise Send Times 

AI has the ability to personalise large amounts of emails in a quick time, to each individual consumer. Optimum send times depend on each audience member’s preference, so using machine learning rather than doing this manually, is essential. This means that individuals receive an email at the time they’re most likely to open it, based on past data. 

Creates Customisation 

Although a person will create some copy and layout for the emails, AI can fill this email with relevant information. For example, it can detect which products or services individuals are using, and alert people when similar products are launched.

The Benefits of Email AI 

AI Email marketing is different from conventional marketing, instead of attempting to target as many people as possible, it instead targets each person individually. It pays attention to what people buy, how they buy, and when they open emails. This ultimately leads to an increase in open rates, engagement rates, and revenue.  


AI marketing can greatly benefit your email marketing communications and can lead to increased results. Not only this, but it can also help in many industries, including Financial Services, Construction and Healthcare. If your business needs help with AI within those industries, contact us now to see how we can help. 

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