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August 2021 


New Job App Launches to Help UK Businesses Simply and Cost Effectively Source the Best Workers as More Than a Million Jobs Remain Unfilled in the UK

TheJobApp, a new app set to change the temp recruitment industry has been launched to revolutionise shift working and support businesses across the UK. The unique proposition sources the best shift workers quickly and effectively allowing firms to seamlessly manage their staff requirements, especially as the economy starts to bounce back from the global pandemic and more than 1.1 million jobs in the UK remain unfilled.

Certain sectors are finding it really hard to recruit local talent due to the ‘pingdemic’ and the economic bounce back and topping the list are logistics, warehousing, retail and hospitality with chefs among the most in-demand skill currently in the UK. The new app allows businesses to easily find local shift workers who match their specific criteria and even has a star rating so you can quickly source the most reliable staff. Currently, businesses have to use their own networks or expensive temp agencies who often can’t meet their specific requirements. TheJobApp offers a fully automated service managing tax and NI deductions, payroll and customer services and is, therefore, a much more cost-effective solution for all businesses in the UK.

The app also offers to pay shift workers immediately after their shifts which will not only increase motivation but also increase the demand for shift work, making it a much more attractive proposition and opening opportunities to more demographics with the reward of instant cash. The increased demand will allow the recruiters on the app to handpick the best-matched staff for their shift knowing they will be keen to impress to ensure their salary is received immediately.

Lee Purvis, CEO at TheJobApp, commented, “We are delighted to be launching TheJobApp to help businesses across the UK with a cost-effective solution to source the best talent and offering millions of shift workers the chance to earn a salary as soon as their shift finishes. 

Having previously managed organisations with huge requirements for shift workers the founders of TheJobApp know first-hand the difficulty, problems and costs involved in filling these temporary positions and how critical finding the right staff is. Being the only solution to pay staff immediately we believe is a complete game changer and will benefit both the employees and the recruiters.” 

Kali Bagary, CEO at The Data Company said “I derive great satisfaction from taking a hand in development from concept to completion, mentoring high performance teams and advising Boards. TheJobApp team are no exception and I’m very excited to be part of this disruptive app.”

View TheJobApp here.

About TheJobApp

TheJobApp aims to revolutionise the way people work. Their mission is simple, it is to enable local, reliable and motivated shift workers to find the best opportunities via their app on your phone. Allowing shift workers to choose when and where they work and what shifts you do.

Workers get paid immediately after every shift directly into their bank! This is unique in the employment industry, allowing for complete freedom and flexibility for all staff working via our app.

Their aim is to support businesses that have been directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19 and have had to reduce their core staffing levels. Becoming leaner often means losing flexibility.

TheJobApp’s mission is to surround businesses with the best flexible workforce that they can use as they have the need. The cost-effective and simple to navigate solution allows gap shifts, short-notice expansion and busy periods to be covered easily, inexpensively and without fuss.

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