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The Data Company Group Limited joins Genasys eco-system for insurers

Partnership provides insurers with new opportunities to combat fraud

Monday, 9 March 2020: Genasys Technologies has further strengthened its proposition to insurers with the latest addition to its ecosystem.

Genasys has partnered with The Data Company Group Limited to deliver next generation AI enabled analytics capabilities for fraud detection and forensic processes to insurers through DataWalk platform.

DataWalk provides insurance companies a powerful system to integrate data from diverse sources to produce fast interactive visual analytics, showing all activities and connections in support of complex and collaborative investigations.

Andre Symes, director at Genasys Technologies, says: “We are committed to building an ecosystem that will allow insurers to truly leverage the power of insurtech to manage their businesses better, and deliver products and services that meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.

The addition of the DataWalk platform further enhances our overall proposition, providing insurers with the data analysis tools they need to make quicker and more accurate fraud review, detection and actionable insights possible. Being able to obtain a single view of relevant forensic data and subsequent analysis will empower their claims and investigation teams to effectively combat fraud and potentially achieve huge cost savings.”

Kali Bagary, CEO of The Data Company Group Limited, comments: “We can help insurers take a massive leap forward in the fight against fraud. The DataWalk system leverages AI, Link Analytics and other advanced technologies and easily integrates with internal and external data sources to help claims and investigation teams to stop more fraudsters more quickly.

The opportunity to join the ecosystem that Genasys  is building was one that we jumped at. We’ve been hugely impressed with how quickly they’ve integrates DataWalk in to their SKi platform through their API. This demonstrated the speed with which they can deploy a solution for a client, whether setting up something new or adapting an existing programme, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Mateusz Ciesielski, Business Development Director at DataWalk, says: “Thanks to partnership with Genasys and The Data Company, DataWalk will deliver to the wider market possibility of false-positives elimination and doubling the prevented frauds value compared to other leading solutions in the area.”


About Genasys Technologies

Established over twenty years ago, the Genasys Technologies Software as a Service proposition provides a world-leading, comprehensive insurance management system that can be applied to any insurance business, in any currency, language or destination. Its product range includes SKi® Platform, SKi® Host, 4Web and 4Insure.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, the business employs over 100 people and currently manages gross written premium of over R12 billion. Genasys opened its first international office in London last year and aims to shake up the provision of software solutions to the UK insurance industry.

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About The Data Company Group Limited

The Data Company is a product and services company helping enterprise achieve their data ambitions. We harness data from a wide variety of sources and compile it to a Big Data platform. We collaborate with and have formed strong partnerships with leading Link Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Migration and Data Visualisation technology providers.


About DataWalk 

DataWalk is a sophisticated, easy to use Enterprise-class data analysis platform that is used by insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and intelligence organizations to identify patterns and anomalies in multi-source data. DataWalk’s patented technologies combine a massively scalable big- data engine with user-friendly visual interfaces.


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