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Linktank and The Data Company

October 2021 


Linktank and The Data Company set up the first financial advisor data and tech integration hub.

Following their partnership announcement in September Linktank and The Data Company today revealed that they have established the first-of-its-kind data and technology integration hub in South Africa that will offer independent advisors access to standard industry integrations on a subscription basis.

The service, namely The Insurance Data Hub, will allow financial planning businesses to unlock the power of their data and enjoy the benefits of choosing the technology that works best for their business. By developing and centrally maintaining standard ‘connectors’, it will enable businesses to link their disparate systems.

By “plugging” into the hub, they gain the following advantages:

  • The ability to integrate their disparate financial planning, reporting and practice management technology at a fraction of the cost and effort of custom integration;
  • The capability to view and use the full range of data in their business for strategic planning, via easily accessible dashboards;
  • The ability to present their clients with access to a more complete view of their portfolio, consolidated from a range of different systems and data sources;
  • The freedom to use standard integrations and look at other potential technology solutions that could replace or enhance the ones they are currently using.
  • The ability to ingest and correlate data from external data sources with internal data.

Linktank director Nina Lowes says: “We are so excited about the launch of this much-needed service. Linktank has long had the dream of building a data and integration hub, largely aimed at the independent financial advisor market, but with spill-over opportunities into technology, service, and product providers. While corporates may be able to afford the cost of integrating their technology and leveraging the resultant data opportunities, independent financial advisors often cannot. Although it is equally applicable to large and small organisations, it effectively extends the opportunity for innovation to smaller businesses.”

She explains that the partnership is a realisation of Linktank’s vision to build a collaborative framework in the financial services industry that enables technology providers, financial advisors, and clients to benefit from the pooling of different skills and resources. “Linktank identified a gap that existed between financial advisors or business principals using multiple systems without integration and the impact this had on both the operational efficiencies of their businesses and their ability to use their data toward meaningful strategic planning.”

The Data Company Technologies Ltd Pty CEO ,  Kali Bagary, says “data is the new oil” and is excited about what it offers both larger financial planning businesses, which may already have quite sophisticated data models that need to be tweaked as their needs change over time, as well as smaller enterprises, which do not have the means or the budget to innovate with their own data and thus cannot deliver its full value to their businesses or their clients.

Lowes adds that the power of the partnership is that it draws on Linktank’s many years of experience in assisting financial advisors select and implement technology to their operational and strategic advantage and combines this with The Data Company’s extensive technology and data experience across a range of African and European markets.

About The Data Company:

Based in both the UK and South Africa, The Data Company helps enterprises accelerate their business agility by unlocking the value of data to create new revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies for organisations. The Data Company have an intelligent data hub (dataFINIUM) and composable application development platform (infoFINIUM) combined with its fusionFINIUM methodology bringing people, process and technology together to deliver solutions rapidly.

About Linktank:

Established in 2014, Linktank helps both financial advisory businesses and industry technology providers to implement, embed and support technology. The business has some of the largest financial services companies as its clients and has helped small and medium sized financial advisory practices put technology to work in their practices by taking them through their six-step technology process.


Visit the Linktank website.

For further information, please contact:

Nina Lowes

Linktank Director

+27 71 360 9914


Kali Bagary

The Data Company CEO

+44 7774 239294


Sharon Wood

Linktank Connect Communications Director

+27 82 562 4885


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