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ASISA Membership

March 2022 


The Data Company is happy to announce that we are a member of ASISA (Association for Savings and Investments South Africa).

ASISA: One Industry Voice

The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) represents the collective interests of the country’s asset managers, collective investment scheme management companies, linked investment service providers, multi-managers and life insurance companies.

ASISA enables the financial services industry, which is the custodian of the nation’s savings and investments, to speak with one voice.

ASISA’s mission is to ensure that the industry and its members remain relevant and sustainable by promoting a culture of savings and investment.


ASISA is a non-profit company formed in 2008 to represent the savings, investment and insurance industry that contributes trillions of rand to South Africa’s economy.

ASISA’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment verification status is a Level One Contributor with Empowering supplier status. This provides ASISA with a 135% Recognition Level in terms of the Amended Financial Sector Code.

ASISA Mission

To promote a culture of savings and investment in South Africa by:

  • Building a transformed, vibrant, and globally competitive financial sector.
  • Actively participating in education, transformation and social development.
  • Encouraging South Africans to save.
  • Promoting transparency and disclosure.
  • Focussing on the consumer.
  • Encouraging ethical and equitable behaviour.
  • Collaborating with Government to:
    • Achieve level playing fields and healthy competition.
    •  Engage on policy and regulatory issues.

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