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AM Hydraulics

AM Hydraulics is a family run business founded in 1978, specialising in engineering equipment production, inspections, maintenance and servicing. Projects involve Turning, Milling, Horizontal Boring and Cylindrical grinding of small, large and heavy components; from gear boxes and cylinders to heavy drilling equipment.

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The Challenge

As they have grown, so have their projects and corresponding paperwork. Manual processing using paper based systems were creating filing and storage issues. This resulted in delayed project delivery and missed deadlines due to lack of insight into project status and chasing paperwork & required sign offs.

Attempts to rectify these issues have involved optimising their business processes and reviewing software solutions to match their processing. Whilst the business process changes have proven effective, they were unable to find a suitable solution that matched their custom requirements.

The Solution

InfoFINIUM was chosen as the software solution due to it’s functionality and flexibility. The solution aligns perfectly to their newly implemented business processes and provides key communication tools. As data is unifed in a platform project status and business data insights are now widely available to all stakeholders of individual projects as well as overall management.

The AM Hydraulics and The Data Company team worked together on optimising existing business processes to design a system that enabled the staff to easily adopt the new software without causing disruption.

The infoFINIUM modules currently include: document management, workflow processing, automated forms, audit trails, alerts, notifications, electronic signatures, reporting tools and resource management.

The Future is Looking Bright

AM Hydraulics are already seeing the business benefits and achieving ROI. As such, there are ongoing projects to redefine other processes, develop greater functionality and improve reporting capabilities. Change management and new solution adoption concerns have been overcome through the ease of use; ironically those members of staff initially adverse to the new change have now become the biggest advocates and continually offer new ideas for upgrades.

Overview of Benefits

Time Savings

Optimised business processes save employee time and paperwork issues

Key Insights

Access to up-to-date, accurate and real time information

Enhanced Communications

Via notifications and alerts provide all stakeholders with key deadlines

Improved Management

Improved client, contract and internal process management

Data Storage

Data storage now in one central repository

Audit Trails

Improved audit trails providing information to historical, actual and future transactions


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