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Life Insurance

Take the Guesswork out of your Life Insurance Business

The Challenge

The business challenge that companies are having to overcome is facing the rapid market changes in interest rates, macro-economic conditions and pandemic impacts.

This is where insurers need to leverage on the strengths and manage their book of business carefully.

The Solution

Empowering Life Insurers with AI and Predictive Analytics Technology, enabling life insurers to take full advantage of the opportunities within their book of business using big data and predictive technology.

Having a 360-degree view of your policyholders will enable you to anticipate their needs and help you to understand the factors driving their decision making.

This insight is vital in understanding lapse behaviour and ensuring a correct product fit for all policyholders.

Connecting seamlessly to legacy systems and augments with new external data sources.

Providing real time insights into insurer’s policyholders database through detailed segmentation that results in a comprehensive understanding of their current and future advantages and providing insurer’s with tools that will help them to make strategic decisions and remain competitive.

Key Features & Main Benefits


Helps life and annuity carriers become more client centric

Data Driven

Enables life and annuity carriers to become data driven for strategic purposes

Increase Sales

Increase sales and improve retention of a Life and Annuity book of business

Real Time

Fully integrable, self-service, real time product investment and enhancement


Identify pockets of profit within the existing client base

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