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Purchase Requisition

Making it easy for users to order materials via mobile and tablet devices

The Challenge

With projects running across multiple locations, it can prove challenging to achieve a cohesive purchasing requisition process.

Different locations generally follow their own manual requisition procedures, which leads to errors being made in ordering due to information being accidently removed or edited.

The tracking of purchase requisitions can become difficult, with little or no visibility of the requisition status in real time, making reporting time consuming and inaccurate.

The Solution

Our Purchase Requisition solution makes it easy for users to request items for purchase wherever they are via mobile and tablet devices and enables full traceability and auditability of all requisitions from raising to purchasing. The requisition forms are user friendly thereby encouraging users to complete comprehensive requisitions.

The seamless and streamlined movement of the requisitions from the raiser, through the budget approvers & line managers, to the buying team ensure that requisitions are approved within the required timeframes.

Additionally, the organisations cost code structure can be imported so that requests can be raised against the correct cost codes and/or budgets. All requisitions can then be easily searched on for quick retrieval of requisitions.

Key Features & Main Benefits


Standardise purchase requisition process across the organisations and project sites for consistency.


Configurable workflow process and automated task generation with SLA’s to help manage workloads and priorities urgent requisitions.


Flag requisition lines as assets and generate asset reports.


User/ role-based dashboard, KPI and register reporting functionality with export options to PDF, Excel or CSV files.


Comprehensive electronic purchase requisition forms with dynamic question/ answer structures to ensure accuracy and reduce time taken to raise.

Cost Code

Cost code management and assignment with system checks to avoid errors in allocation.


Search capabilities with multi-layered filters and sorting options for easy retrieval of requisitions.

Audit trail

Full audit trail of all actions with user, description & date/time records.

Well Defined Roles

Well defined roles and responsibilities to ensure requisitions are quickly and easily approved.


Attach/ view/ download/ delete documents for ease of reference.


Responsive screens that are optimised for use on desktops, laptops, tablet and mobile devices.

Alerts & Reminders

Alerts and reminders within the application, via email and SMS.

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