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Insurance as a Service

Insurance management system that can be applied to any insurance business, in any currency, language or destination.

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The Challenge

In the modern global insurance market, insurers are facing challenges to remain competitive, innovative and profitable.

Insurers need solutions that can create efficiencies in their organisations and offer relevant products in a digital environment in order to increase their revenues and remain competitive.

The Solution

Our partner Genasys offers insurance software as a service. The Genasys SKi® platform is a world-leading, comprehensive insurance management system that can be applied to any insurance business, in any currency, language or destination.

The Genasys SKi® platform is made for insurers, UMAs and brokers, and is compatible with personal, commercial, life and corporate lines.

The SKi® platform together with the SKi® toolset provides a powerful enabler for any insurance business looking for the right software platform to support their growth and strategic initiatives.

We also understand difference businesses have different needs, SKi® comprises various different modules allowing you to pick and choose – and pay for – the elements that you need.

Key Features & Main Benefits


SKi® supports multiple product lines across personal commercial lines as well as life and medical and even contract subscriptions running for defined periods.


We are a team of industry tech experts that skilled in the ins and outs of insurance.

Pick & Choose

You can pick and choose and only pay for the elements that you need.


Genasys has an exceptional training academy that offers competency-based training solutions for all our software, which will give your employees the skills, capacity and capability to perform at their best.


SKi® has a rich APIs that enables a seamless digital customer journey. We recognise that insurers don’t operate alone so we’ve built integration layers that enable third-party integrations.


Our technology enables insurers to focus on growth and strategic initiatives.

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