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Document Management System

A secure, structured and collaborative approach to storing information

The Challenge

As the amount of information we produce grows, it is becoming more imperative for organisations to implement a document management solution.

The alternative is to store documents on a shared drive that can be accessed without strict permission which lends itself to become an unstructured ‘document dump’ for users.

It is easy to misname documents, store them in the wrong location, and waste time in trying to find documents and their latest versions. Additionally, if these documents are required to go through approval processes, the processes followed across the organisation or within different departments are more likely to vary from the standard procedures without a solution in place.

Identifying where documents are within the approval processes can also prove challenging and time consuming.

The Solution

Our Document Management Solution provides a secure and structured approach to storing information.

Roles and responsibilities can be easily configured to provide collaboration driven through permissions for those within your organisations or external parties.

A structured file naming convention configurable per project ensures document naming is consistent and therefore information can be easily searched on and identified across the organisation.

The integrated workflow engine encourages users to follow the correct approval processes thereby standardising processes across the business.

The comprehensive search feature enables users to find information quickly and with ease.

Key Features & Main Benefits


Single file upload & bulk file upload


Automated document revisioning and versioning ensuring all versions are kept together for ease of reference.


Linking of documents as reference or as part of a document package.


Customisable document registers that can be exported as a CSV, Excel or PDF file.

Structured File Naming

Structured file naming convention configurable per project based on the name of the file or from pre-defined lists.


Configurable automated workflows with task SLA reminders for document review and approval.


External user portal with limited access for easy collaboration with third parties.

Viewing Documents

Viewing documents within the application without need for download.

Audit Trail

Full comprehensive audit trail for each document and workflow improves transparency and productivity.

Comprehensive Search

Comprehensive search capabilities with multiple filters, search within search, and searching the content of documents enables users to find information efficiently.

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