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Data Migration

Data is a Key Strategic Asset for any Company

The Challenge

Data Migrations are a key aspect of successful legacy transformation projects often forming part of a larger Digital Transformation programme and therefore on the critical path to their overall success.

Data Migrations projects can be very challenging and even more so if key aspects of this activity are not undertaken with experienced and knowledgeable resources.  Examples of these challenges include;

  • Poorly understood or documented legacy systems.
  • Poor data quality or incomplete data
  • Poor mapping of data
  • Lack of planning or testing
  • Poor project management and communication

The Solution

The Data Company provide software services and solutions aimed at assisting digital transformation for enterprises. The Data Company’s experienced project managers, data analysts and developers along with a best of breed approach have successfully assisted our clients with their data migration projects.

The Data Company has strong experience in large scale Data Migrations across industries.

In particular we have extensive Insurance experience in both Life & Pensions and General Insurance segments, including Lloyds of London market.

We also have expertise on multiple policy administration and claims handling platform implementations including DuckCreek, Guidewire, IDIT and ICE Insuretech.

The Data Company takes on the full Data Migration project providing a team of experienced resources along with project management ensuring full ownership and communication with the wider programme.

We also take on independent verification and testing of migrated data.

Key Features & Main Benefits


The major benefit of using The Data Company for your Data Migrations is that we have been there and successfully achieved it. Not once but many times.


This experience and know how has taught us how to overcome the challenges normally associated with Data Migration projects and ensure they are successfully delivered within the timeframes to support the wider Digital Transformation programme.

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