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Re-imagining your business for growth & profitability

The Challenge

The global pandemic COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on businesses. As a business you will have gone through a number of distinct stages from initial disorder, to acceptance of the situation through to getting ready for getting back to work and finally into adjusting to the new realty and building strategies to accelerate forward.

COVID-19 has resulted in many organisations having to change their processes and ways of working to ensure they can provide a service. What has become clear is that some organisations have been limited in their ability to fully adapt due to technology. Systems haven’t been cloud based or developed to support mobile devices resulting in organisations having to adopt workarounds with manual processes, emailing and limited customer accessibility.

The Solution

As your organisation moves back into work and starts to focus on their vision and strategies for accelerating out of COVID-19 there will be a need for greater business agility. Agility that will enable your organisation to service its employees with the tools to perform their jobs more efficiently or to provide your customers with new enhanced services.

The Data Company has been providing innovative new solutions to its clients well before COVID 19. Solutions that have helped our clients launch new online pharmacy services and helped launch a new innovative motor finance business, in only 3 months. Solutions that have also helped established businesses such as a construction company access real time business insights, from 13 separate systems, to enable them to drive greater efficiencies and forward planning or helped a leading bank automate its deceased account administration process using natural language processing to search emails, identify accounts, collate funds and pay to the beneficiary.

During COVID 19 we quickly developed in a matter of days a solution to provide real time data on COVID statistics in South Africa. Using open source statistics from Stats SA we were able to create links to over 30 data sources, map them into our dataFINIUM workbench and output the information to our infoFINIUM platform to display the statistics in a visual and interactive format.

We would welcome you viewing this information in the videos below.

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Logo for Department of Statistics for Republic of south africa
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