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Business Agility

Solutions for a modern agile digital business

The Challenge

Being an organisation today, you continue to look at how you can transform to meet the growing demands of your customers and differentiating yourself from your competitors. This is against a backdrop of increasing regulation in many sectors requiring regular reporting.

Organisations want the ability to be agile and to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in a productive and cost-effective way.

However, many have an organisational legacy made up of many factors including technology, processes, data and architecture, which impacts their ability to be agile.

Cost and time to change legacy applications delay new processes or services being provided.  This could be as simple as the collection of new data, supporting a new process or providing support to a mobile workforce.

Organisations also have a vast amount of data in systems, spreadsheets and documents that is not accessible.  Unlocking this data would provide your organisation with more information to create actionable insights. This data can help to drive better customer service, cross sell to existing customers, identify customers that lapse or default or committing fraud.

The Solution

The Data Company uses a combination of composable data and business applications, supported by a fusion team of business and IT professionals to rapidly deliver new solutions to business challenges, in weeks.

Our customers have approached The Data Company to solve a range of business challenges. Many of these solutions were implemented in a few months and include:

  • Enabling a new web & mobile based motor finance application solution with an underwriting decision engine and links to external credit rating agencies and banks to provide immediate multiple car finance quotes.
  • Enabling a bank to automate deceased account administration to identify account holdings from multiple systems, close accounts and pay the beneficiary.
  • Enabling a construction organisation to drive greater efficiencies and greater control by gathering data from 13 different systems to provide a real time dashboard & reporting
  • Enabling a new pharmacy business to launch a new online prescription ordering service, delivered to the patient’s door
  • Enabling a pharmaceutical business to optimise supplier spend & management providing greater visibility, control and analytics.

The Data Company’s dataFINIUM and infoFINIUM provide the platform to deliver scalable and secure business applications and processes. When combined with our Fusion delivery methodology we can deliver working solutions in weeks.

Come and talk to us about how we can help your business respond rapidly to changing market and customer needs.

Key Features & Main Benefits


dataFINIUM, our intelligent data hub enables data from multiple systems in different formats and structures to be ingested, correlated and cleaned into a single source of truth for use in new applications, analytics tools and real time dashboards.


infoFINIUM, a Composable Application Platform with prebuilt micro applications enable new applications and processes to be defined and configured in weeks.


fusionFINIUM, The Data Company’s Fusion delivery team works closely with a customer’s business and IT team to define and rapidly deliver solutions, in agile sprints to ensure the original vision and requirements are delivered..

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