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Sentiment Analysis

Analyse Customer Insights and Sentiments in Real-Time

The Challenge

In the digital age, data sets are becoming bigger and more complex with an ever-growing array of both structure and unstructured data.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for your organisation to provide analytics that have taken into consideration a holistic view. One large contributing factor to this analysis is sentiment being shared about your organisation across multiple online platforms.

There are millions of articles from news sources, social media on a daily basis about organisations, risks, key trends and is growing at an exponential speed. It’s very time consuming to get key insights quickly.

The Solution

Our sentiment analysis solution enables your business to analyse customer insights and sentiments in real-time. This enables your  business to monitor their risk, issues and opportunity portfolio more effectively.

Our innovative solution looks at millions of articles from 100,000+ news sources and major social media platforms, including Twitter and facebook.

This data is then analysed, grouped and presented in dashboard reports that can be further sliced, diced and drilled down aiding your organisation to make actionable decisions on real-time risks, emerging trends, insights and sentiments.

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Key Features & Main Benefits


Real-time sentiments from various news sources & social media sources for a comprehensive monitoring of companies

Risk Assessment

Complete real-time risk assessment, based on the official Rating Agency’s quantitative methodology and a deeper qualitative risk & sentiment analysis


Identifies risks, opportunities, sentiments and several key insights in real-time to better aid organisations in spotting risks and to either prevent or react more quickly to negative sentiment.

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