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Our Story


Our story starts in 2015 with the two dynamic, forward-thinking minds of Kali Bagary and Hendrik Strydom meeting for breakfast whilst the former was in South Africa from the UK for business.

It is worth mentioning that each already had over 30 years of IT Software experience. They had worked very successfully together in the past, all around the world.

One had an idea, the other a solution. And so our company was born.

The already established JMR UK merged with the up-and-coming 4-man show that began in a garage in a town called Benoni, South Africa (Yes, the very same place that Charlize Theron and Princess Charlene of Monaco hail from – must be something in the water!)

Jointly, we started as TechFINIUM with offices in the UK and Benoni, South Africa. We were now out of the garage and in a cosy office that could accommodate about ten people. It took less than three years to realise we would again need to find larger offices to accommodate our growing team.

In 2018 we moved into a large office park in Boksburg, where we are currently based.

Initially, the South African component was to be the IT lab for the UK team and its clients. However, before we knew it, word had spread, and the South African branch had begun to sign up new, local clients.

It was then in 2020 that we rebranded from TechFINIUM to The Data Company. A name that encompasses who we are and what we do.

Equipped with a determined vision to build a technology services company that delivers quality solutions and a knack for identifying talent, The Data Company started to introduce the best university graduates into the marketplace. In 2022 we expanded and opened our third office in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Cape Town is also known as South Africa’s Silicon Valley.

Here we took on graduates feeding in directly from Stellenbosch University. We currently have nearly 15 people in that office, with no immediate signs of slowing down.

The Data Company has always believed in the nurturing of young minds. We invest heavily in ensuring that our people are always learning, growing and at the forefront of the industry using their knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge.

At The Data Company, we aim to improve growth, teach, and assist our people.

While our business has changed dramatically from those early days tucked away in a small garage in Benoni, we have never strayed from the principle of only hiring people with a passion for using technology to add value as a business.


We take ownership of delivery, showing professionalism and urgency while delivering solutions that make a business impact for our customers.


Creating technology solutions requires tight-knit teams with a positive family spirit. Those teams consist of our people and our customers’ people, with a one-team mindset around delivering value. Our philosophy and culture continue to allow us to help forward-thinking businesses globally achieve their objectives through our delivery of end-to-end technology solutions.