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Live Online Retail

Create instant engagement with your online customers through real-time web chat conversations.

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What is Live Online Retail (LOR)?

The Data Company Group is a proud partner of LOR who allows you to track all customer movements in real time, as soon as they enter your website, just as you would if they walked into your store.

Providing the cues of a physical environment in a digital world. This allows sales professionals to anticipate the needs of online customers, providing them with the right information, at the right time. 

Bringing the Human Touch to the Online Customer

Enhance the online SHOPPING EXPERIENCE & engage with your online audience that very moment that they are looking at your stock!

About LOR

Live Online Retail (LOR) is a patented market-leading live chat software designed to help businesses achieve success online – from improving conversion, increasing sales to providing better customer service. It allows you to track and understand your customer and engage with them via live conversations when they visit your website.


USA Patent Number 10521840

RSA Patent Number 2016/04634

European Patent Application Number 14866797.5

Key Features

Top e-Commerce Trends

Personalisation & Customer Engagement

48%: The amount of customers that will spend longer time when their experience has been personalised

57% of online shoppers are happy to share personal information as long as it directly benefits their shopping experience

Written Product Descriptions will Become Obsolete

60% of shoppers would rather watch a product video than read a product description

41%: The amount of customers that expect you to have a live chat solution on your website

For online businesses, Live Chat is the future of customer service, lead generation, and sales.

Track live customer movements

Increased customer engagement is proven to improve the customer experience which increases your customer’s satisfaction rates.

LOR allows you to instantly turn a simple web shopper into a lead for your sales team to nurture into a sale.

Increase web conversions by 50%

EE Mobile found that customers who accept Live Chat requests are 4 – 5 times more likely to convert!

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