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Our industry specific solutions solve real business challenges, ensure compliance & improve productivity across the organisation. 


Insurers, Reinsurers, MGA’s and Brokers hold vast amounts of data about customers, products, underwriting, pricing, risks, exposures, claims, brokers, commissions and financials to name but a few.

Organisations hold this data on multiple systems or in data warehouses from which they are looking to extract and enrich the information to gain valuable insights either in real time or for use with analytics tools to help improve areas such as customer offerings, pricing & risk selection, claims and fraud assessment. In addition organisations are looking to use new tools and applications to streamline processes and provide a better level of customer and employee service.

The Data Company has worked with a number of insurers and brokers on projects to update their applications, migrate off legacy systems, develop new applications and deliver predicative analytics tools to help with fraud and pricing. 

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Construction companies undertake large projects with a significant amount of resources and effort involved in their successful delivery. Projects from their initial scoping and tendering through to their delivery result in a huge amount of data being generated.

Typically construction companies operating on low margins wish to have the ability to really understand areas such as how projects are performing, what is causing delays, where labour needs to be assigned based on requirements, the amount and cost of materials required, tracking invoices to be paid and the cost of overtime are all key pieces of information.

Like many other industries construction companies require a number of systems to run their business including ERP, HR, Finance, Planning, Assets and Time recording as well as a myriad of spreadsheets and documents.

We work with construction organisations to unlock all the data stored on these systems, spreadsheets and documents to consolidate them in a ‘single source of the truth’. We then have a construction real time portal which allows users, based on their role type, to see all of their information in one place such as actuals vs planned for a specific project or a roll up of all projects showing financials, actuals, cost and time to compete.

In addition we have now started to deliver predictive analytics tools to use all the data within a construction organisations systems and combine it with external data. One example is combining internal data with weather data to start predicting the likelihood of accidents happening on construction sites.

Working with our clients we have helped them increase their profitability by enabling them to have real time information about their projects, their resources and their labour allowing them to take immediate actions to address costly situations, plan and forecast more accurately, improve health and safety on sites and reduce the amount of manual administration. 

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Healthcare and Lifescience organisations have seen a huge growth in their ecosystems resulting in greater customer and consumer value. To achieve this organisations have had to extend their digital
platforms and create new digital services.

We have been working with a number of healthcare, lifescience and charities to help accelerate the delivery of new digital platforms and services as well as helping to streamline existing processes where adapting incumbent legacy systems would be too onerous.

This has resulted in organisations being able to significantly improve their visibility, increase sales and customer service and reduce costs. 

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