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Predict the future, using the past.
Take advantage of AI with our predictive analytics tool.

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The Challenge

As data revolutionises business, every business now holds ever increasing volumes of data and so requires a robust data strategy. However less than 0.5% of all data is ever analysed and used, offering huge potential for businesses to leverage the benefits of this key strategic asset.

To compete effectively businesses must move beyond the historic and static view of their business performance and evolve to take a more proactive approach by understanding and predicting their customers’ future behaviour.

The Solution

The solution to look forward into the future is advanced predictive analytics. The future is DMway.

It has been developed by leading PhD data scientists as a simple and affordable tool to automatically build deployable predictive models for all businesses from SME to enterprise.

What is DMway?

DMway is an easy to use tool for your existing analysts or BI experts to create predictive analysis models and machine-learning algorithms with 3 simple clicks.
The platform removes all the complexities relating to data science allowing your analyst team to focus on their core duties whilst leveraging the value predictive analytics creates.

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What can DMway do

DMway is capable of performing millions of statistical and mathematical calculations within minutes to produce predictive models solving everyday business problems and helping senior management in making quick and decisive yet more informed and accurate decisions.

The results of the predictive model can then be easily deployed into your live operational environments to increase revenue and profit through greater sales conversions, implementing more focussed marketing strategies using less resource, create more accurate sales forecasts and better risk management while always ensuring the highest level of compliance.

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    Overview of Benefits


    Simple and easy to use tool


    Help you leverage unknown growth opportunities from your existing data


    Train your existing analyst or BI experts within days to build predictive models


    Model results can easily be deployed directly into any of your existing systems


    Affordable platform compared to competitors and traditional more expensive manual predictive data analysis methods


    Predictive models are fully exportable

    DMway: Helping to
    Solve Business Problems

    You can predict everything in just 3 clicks:


    What is the likelihood of Y to happen? (Classification)


    What is the expected value of Y?


    How many times will Y happen?

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    Customer Use Cases

    Our award winning and recognised tool is deployed in a variety of business sectors for a multitude of applications, including:

    Financial Services

    Improve lead conversion to drive more sales

    Enhance Marketing Strategies

    Get a full 360 degree understanding of your customers current and future behaviour, such as likelihood to cancel, or to purchase next product, which product and when

    Insurance Companies

    Hyper target customers most likely to respond to an up/cross sell opportunities, dynamic product and price optimisation, reduce risk in underwriting, pricing, rating and claims prediction

    Leading Companies

    Increase loan portfolio performance, reduce risk, automate the loan underwriting process, predict the likelihood of a customer to default


    Improve the effectiveness and reduce costs of your call centre, reduce fraud and bad debt, auto-customised scripts in real time in front of your agents

    Utility Companies

    Deliver personalised, real time energy savings advice



    “”DMway is designed for simplicity so that data-savvy business users can quickly build predictive models that they can explain in business terms”

    The Forrester New WaveTM
    Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions

    “”DMway have elected to pursue an ultra-simple but sophisticated approach targeting non-data scientists. Commercial platforms with well-designed UIs requiring no code, but offering the same or greater levels of automation.
    We call these One-Click Data-In Model-Out”

    William Vorhies
    Editorial Director Data Science Central

    “”DMway is a good example of how automation is best discussed as human augmentation rather than human replacement, as it facilitates analyst-machine collaboration”

    Gill Peres
    Editorial Director Data Science Central