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Fraud Analytics & Investigation

Connect, visualise and analyse data to identify and stop fraud

The Challenge

Detecting and preventing fraud is a global challenge for insurers.Fighting fraud is often reactive rather than proactive, meaning insurers often lose out.

To fight fraud insurers, need data analysis tools to make fraud review, detection and actionable insights possible. Unfortunately, all too often insurers face challenges in implementing and utilising such tools.

The challenge of unifying data from multiple sources and structures, with security access complexities hugely restricts their ability to effectively combat fraud.Further opportunities such as fraud analysis and automated actions are completely missed.

The Solution

The DataWalk platform provides a full circle forensic process, detection and analysis solution, passing the advantages of AI to insurers. This platform provides a single view of all relevant data and subsequent analysis, empowering claims teams and investigations to intelligently prevent fraud.

This platform helps insurers overcome the challenges of implementing new solutions and quickly optimises processes and automation, thereby resulting in huge cost savings. ROI is achieved rapidly.

What is DataWalk?

DataWalk is a software analytics platform for investigations and fraud detection.

It provides Insurance companies and other enterprises a powerful system to integrate data from diverse sources to produce fast interactive visual analytics, showing all activities and connections in support of complex and collaborative investigations.

Leverage ML, AI, and other advanced technologies to empower claims teams and investigations units to stop more fraudsters faster. The system easily integrates with internal data sources, as well as external sources, without the need for advanced IT support.

DataWalk is an end-to-end solution for detecting, preventing and managing both opportunistic and organised claims fraud. Solution functionality includes components for fraud detection, alert management and case handling.

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Key Features & Main Benefits

Data Connection

Easily connect ALL your internal/external data.


Accelerate triage and forensics.


Realise ROI as fast as 30 days.

Product Investment

Continuous product investment and enhancement.


Proactively identify suspicious claims with greater accuracy.


Automate and operationalise results through integration to policy administration systems.

Cost Saving

Save on costs through fraud prevention and streamlined processes.

Generate Powerful Scores

Easily generate powerful risk scores.


Deploy and manage the system with minimal IT support.

Fast Results

Results delivered 10x faster.

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