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Our Intelligent Data Hub


What is dataFINIUM?

dataFINIUM is a data platform that brings all of your multi-structured data together, curates and enriches it for both transactional and analytical applications, securely and at scale. dataFINIUM enables organisations to spend less time gathering, cleaning and correlating data and more time visualising and analysing it.

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The Challenge

Data is the new oil but like oil it is only useful if it has been refined and standardised into something that can be useful such as analysis, reporting or used with AI for advanced analytics. Herein lies the challenge for many organisations. As a result of growth, mergers and new initiatives data is stored in a multitude of systems, databases and spreadsheets in different formats, structures and quality. Add to this the introduction of new external data sources and many companies are spending a huge amount of time and resources to collate, refine, format data to then build and maintain data marts to be useful and yet still 80% of the data lying within in their systems remains unused.

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The Solution

dataFINIUM, our Intelligent Data Hub, enables your organisation to unlock the data that is stored in multiple systems, databases and spreadsheets. dataFINIUM can ingest structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, clean it, transform it and enrich it to deliver a “Single Source of the Truth”. This then allows the full data capabilities from self- service standard reporting, through advanced analytics, predictive models and machine learning to true artificial intelligence.

In addition, data management activities may be automated, from data cleansing to data migration. dataFINIUM is a fully integrated data infrastructure platform, based upon industry leading technologies, including Apache NiFi, Spark, Java and Hadoop; hosted on your dedicated AWS or Azure cloud. The “no-code” Workbench manages the platform and is built in light- weight web browser-based technologies.

dataFINIUM has over 360 adapters that enables it to quickly connect to different data sources, whatever their structure or format enabling dataFINIUM to be rapidly implemented. dataFINIUM allows data and analytics projects to be achieved in weeks to achieve a fast return in investment.

dataFINIUM in 3 Easy Steps

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Taking your data from a number of different sources and ingesting, correlating, enriching and transforming that data, to generate a single source of truth of clean data. This can then be used for building business applications and dashboards, in just days rather than months!

Key Features & Main Benefits

360 Adapters

360 adapters to connect to multiple data sources


Workbench automates tasks and management of data


Updates new source data automatically


Pull or push data at field level or as high-volume stream of data

Send Alerts

Send alerts and events directly to your mobile devices or other applications


Fast implementation and return on investment


Flexible pricing model

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